Mindfulness Matters

Here is a list of helpful practices to try to help you get started  attending more closely to the everyday, mundane sacredness of your life! 
  • Take a walk in nature...WITHOUT your iPod!
  • Light a candle and simply practice having some silent time daily. This helps cultivate a peaceful, quiet mind that responds more than it reacts!
  • Write a letter of Grief, Lament, or Gratitude to God. Send it!
  • Write a faith/spiritual autobiography. Tell your story!
  • Record you dreams.
  • Notice what is going on in your body. Take a minute to check in with your body daily by doing a simple body scan or just focusing your attention on your breathing.
  • If you don’t already, try journaling. There is no better place to start practicing self-awareness.
  • Try The Examen. At the end of your day, reflect back on what you are most grateful for, and what you are least grateful for. Without judging, reflect on these and hold them in prayer.
  • Make a To Do List with “You” on one side and “God” on the other. Under your column write the things you know will get done, and on God’s side the things you would like to get done. See what happens!
  • Write poetry, garden, draw, quilt, scrapbook, listen or compose music, do WHATEVER brings you life and gives you energy. Make it your intention that in this activity, you are experiencing the Holy.

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