About Spiritual Direction

So you say you're a "spiritual director"...what does that mean exactly!?

Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying you on your spiritual journey, inviting you to a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect of being human. I offer people a confidential, supportive place to explore their prayer practices, meditation, spiritual experiences, assistance discerning God’s presence amidst life’s challenges, etc. In our life, we all encounter that human desire for deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. This is the focus of spiritual direction, ultimately it is the process of coming home to your deepest self.

Because spiritual direction is specific to your spiritual journey, it is valuable whether you are taking the first steps to learn to pray, have been a faithful member of a particular religion as long as you can remember, or you have been meditating for decades. Every aspect of your life is material for spiritual direction as you seek to reflect deeply on the meaning of your life. This may include prayer, questions of faith, concerns about your church, but also, your relationships with others; what worries you, what grieves you, and of course, what gives you deep joy and happiness!

Interested? Want to learn more? Visit my website: www.riverbendspiritualcare.com

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